Coron Palawan #MorenangLakwatsera

Made it in Coron, Palawan with Lloyd last long weekend (Nov 30-Dec 2)

We booked our flight last August and yet we’re quite hesitant about it since we’re investing on something for ourselves (for the future charot HAHAHA)

So talagang dalawang isip nalang if we will continue going to Coron or rather end this year without traveling since kota naman na kami sa travel lol.

Basically, we departed from Clark International Airport (which is my first time since puro NAIA lang talaga ako)

We arrived in Busuanga Coron Airport around 12 noon. I can say that they’re airport is very simple compared to Kalibo airport.

We checked-in at Casa Montemar (a budget friendly hostel that has pool also)

P.S. I’ll be sharing more of the infos on my vlog huehue

Coron Day 1: We explored Coron Town Plaza that moment we arrived. Since most of the restaurants and bars are open around 5pm. We just had our lunch at hotel and took a nap after. Lol.

We watched sunset and took some drone shots btw

After, we had our dinner at Kawayanan Grill (one of the popular restaurants in Coron)

We ordered Couple Meal that costs Php699 pesos. Very affordabel compare to other restaurants in the town of Coron. (We were satisfied with the food ehe)

After we went bar hopping at ViewDeck. Most of their customers were foreigners and we just ordered a beer (San Mig Apple Light Php 80) quite expensive compared to the convenience store and a finger food (Fries Php 85) only.

Day 2: Island hopping!!!!!

Went to CYC Beach (Coron Youth Club Beach) spent 1hr where our boat can’t stope near the shore so we swam for about 10mins just to get there 😭😭😭 hahaha

Next: Hidden Lagoon

It was okay.

The water is sooooOoooOoooo clearrrrr! And we also had a snorkeling for about 1hr and I’m telling you guys, I giggled for that whole time of snorkeling coz I’m so happy and amazed of the fishes and coral reefs that I saw during that time LOL

Last place: Kayangan Lake

Wasn’t allowed to fly a drone inside and you need to walk just to get there for about 150-250 steps (i think? Hahaha)

At night, we had our dinner at Touchwood Cafe. The interior and prices was okay.

Day 3: Last day – flight back to Clark international airport.

Will be uploading my Coron Vlog and put the link here so you guys can watch it!!!

If you bave any questions about Coron, you can hit me up! (Kinda lazy to continue and chika here sa blog post soooooo)

Thank you guys for reading!!



5 thoughts on “Coron Palawan #MorenangLakwatsera

    1. Yay! I’m having a hard time editing kasi busy din sa work but will post the link here soon! Malapit lapit na 😅 you should visit Coron! Hindi pa talaga siya over developed . Very simple and mura ang transpo sa mismong town nila 😊🤙🏼

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