Team Member Night 2017

So yeah, basically my Tuesday schedule would be 7 am to 2 pm STRAIGHT! (no breaks) but luckily, we were free cut from 12 noon to 2 pm lol. haha! Although, we want to work, our supervisor let us have our breaks since we’ll be having a Team Member Night at 4 pm at Buschgardens.

We decided to go home by 3 pm to prepare ourselves from the occassion. When we arrived at Gate 3 (employees’ entrance) the line gave us a hard time. Lol


So, the first thing that we did, was we got our INVADR T-Shirt and ride on the INVADR (I’m not fond of any roller coasters but my friends kept on bullying me that’s why! No choice hahahahha!)

After that, we went to Griffon, and of course! I caaaaaaaaaaan’t! I was so scared to ride this fvckin roller coaster right here! Look! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


But then again, I’m not the only one who’s scared to ride on it soooo…. me and my friends just wait for the others until they were done.


(I’m still one of the boys lmao) so, we just waited for our friends to come off after that freakin’ ride.

Anddddd, we decided to go to the Alpengeist but then again, I can’t. (yas, I know, I’m such a loser! hahahahahaha)

Well, after all of my friends ride on the rides that was open on that night, we decided to get our free foods! Oh, btw, Team Member Night was a privilege for us team members to have fun with our co-team members at the theme park.

  • Unlimited Rides (InvadR, Alpengeist, Griffon and Catapult) P.S check Buschgardens site to know. lol
  • Free InvadR shirt. (Since, it was the new ride at the park)
  • Free Foods and Drinks (at the SmokeHouse Trappers and a Cookie at France)
  • Free Two Tickets at our Seaport! yay! (benefit of being a team member. lol)
  • Free Games (Summit Racer and Alpengeist Games) where there was these cute little transformer pins and stressballs as a price for it.

Okay, so I’m grateful to be part of Bschgardens’ Team Member Night 2017. Since, we had a chance to be with other team members in every section of the park (France, Germany, Oktoberfest , Italy, Scotland and Ireland) and have fun on that night.

That night was so lit!

And of course, my outfit on that night lol.

There ya go.




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