It’s difficult to pinpoint specific characteristics of Chinese food since the cuisine varies vastly depending on region.

Well, I decided to eat Chinese Foods at China’s Cuisine (located near at Buschgardens).

The ambiance here is nice and well designed, dimmed light and with beautiful Chinese design frames together with the music and place is neat, clean and well maintained.

The foods here is good authentic Chinese cuisine with wide spread of options in the menu. The quantity is decent and would not call it huge but just enough. The staff are well trained and recommends good choice of food if you get confused and willing to try something different than noodles and fried rice.

The best part is pricing here is kept reasonable.

I would say overall its a great place for family and friends as they are reasonably priced.

Its location is ideal. It’s easy to miss and doesn’t exactly look inviting. You look through the window into what appears to be a living room.

Enter though, and out the back you’ll find a rather more welcoming space with a lot of Chinese pictures who ate at the restaurant. (Like, most of the pictures are Chinese lol. That’s why).



  • House Special Lo Mien
  • Sweet and Sour Shrimp
  • Volcano Sushi Tempura
  • White Rice

(insert house fried rice, extra order lol)

Loved this place, this Asian inspired have really good Chinese food.  Some dishes were really mouthwatering!

This restaurant was already added to my list!


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