Hearty Breakfast Any Time: Waffle House


(These photos was taken a few days ago)

Some days, I just wake up knowing that I’m going to need a big breakfast to get me through the day so, I had breakfast all by myself after a stressful week at Waffle House. Well, this restaurant offers a variety of foods with a breakfast focus and features signature meals along with America’s best brands. I just ordered a waffle with a side of bacon and a hash brown extra crispy with a sauce on it, hot chocolate and fruit Punch. I can say that the taste, quality and portions of the meals that I had ensured a great value of my money. (All costs $15 plus tax lol).

Also the restaurant provide a unique dining experience where all food is prepared fresh, cooked to order and served on real in a kitchen that is out front and in full view. However, Waffle House restaurant is open 24 hours a day.

You want something hearty or something that will keep your tummy warm and happy for a long time? Well, this is the place guys!.


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