I spent my Thursday doing a little bit of work stuff and more on spending time going somewhere with my friends. I decided to joined them go somewhere by riding on a bicycle just because I can’t even remember when was the last time I ride on a bicycle. (haha sorry for that) So anyway, around 2:30, me and my friends left the village and headed to K-Mart. It was my first time to go out on the village using a bicycle since I’m just walking or taking the bus or village shuttle. It was my first time to experience legit highway biking! HAHAHA! I’ve been waiting for this experience and I’m glad I survived!!!!!! But just to be cleared, I still do not want to go along the city by riding on a bicycle. Haha!


Okay, so the reason we went to K-mart on a Thursday cold afternoon with a 9 °C was, we just wanted to explore the places near in our village. (Tbh, we’re hungry. HAHAHAHAHA!)

Me and my friends headed to Rocco’s Smokehouse Grill because they were so hungry so we decided to eat there since it was near at the K-Mart.

I’m glad we all love doing the same thing! Thank you everyone! ❤

17692692_120300002860578297_1436795536_o17670590_120300002858163775_1467862229_o17669040_120300002862399680_1412254084_o17670406_120300002858908626_1360706955_o (1)

Basically, that was my Thurs-yay!!!!! So, how was your Thurs-yay?


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