Thank God, it’s Fri-yay!

Last Friday, Lloyd and I did some errands for a while and then we headed to CSI City Mall, Lucao to walk around and stuff. I never liked walking around CSI City Mall since there are a lot of people and I don’t like seeing a lot of people. Lol jk. It’s just stressful to see a lot of people. Okay, don’t judge me, it’s different when you walk around Town okay?! Okay. hahaha!

After strolling around the mall we went straight to Meshroom Cafe to have snacks and to meet Lloyd’s friends.

I loved the place cause it gives me meshyy vibes! Most especially the skateboards hanging around on the corner. Yay cool af.


More Meshroom Cafe photos.

We just ordered Iced Coffee and Cafe Latte. While waiting for his friends. (in fairness, mejj matagal sila kasi naubos na namin yung drinks that we ordered, still hindi pa sila dumadating. Hahahaha!)

Okay so after 24331513 years, tadaaaaa!


So much love with these two. And I’m glad, since I met his closest friends. Hi there Gerald and Diana! (Sorry, don’t have a nice photo together with the other couple Miguel and Natalie awts)

We ended the day by pampering ourselves. So after (Miguel’s party) we go straight ahead at Footprints Spa.

Well, I thought it was just a random night but I had a great night with great people ❤


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